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CT Screw

The 'Claw Toe' (CT) Screw is designed to provide the surgeon with a trusted fixation for osteotomies of the lesser toes.

The solid 'snap-off style' screw is manufactured from titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) and is available in sizes 11mm - 15mm in length.

The shank of the CT Screw has been designed to fit directly into a wire driver. This makes handling the screw easier & quicker and gives the surgeon a much better view when implanting the screw than when using a chuck.

The CT Screwdriver is supplied sterile packed for use when minor adjustments to screw placement are required.

WG Healthcare's MICA range of minimally invasive osteotomies preserves the soft tissue envelope using percutaneous, fluoro guided techniques. Read More here....


Wright Medical UK is excited to introduce Biologics into the UK Orthopaedics Marketplace.

For further information please click Here....

Medical Education

WG Healthcare provides educational courses for surgeons on various techniques including our MICA range.

View our forthcoming training courses Here....

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