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MICA range of minimally invasive osteotomies preserves the soft tissue envelope.

Using percutaneous, fluoro guided techniques, osteotomies are created using high speed burrs to accurately prepare the bone, and fixed using screws. The use of a mini C arm allows the assessment of bony alignment and correct placement of fixation screws. The resulting lack of tissue disruption can result in a reduction in stiffness and swelling, leading to improved cosmeisis for the patient.


A range of sterile packed screws, staples and plates are available for fixation using these procedures.

MICA Calcaneal
Minimises soft tissue damage while allowing M/L shift of the calcaneus. Fixation is undertaken per surgeon preference.

MICA Basal
Proximal closing wedge osteotomy of the 1st metatarsal that allows large angular correction. Fixation is with one or preferably two screws.

MICA Chevron
This modified extra capsular osteotomy provides lateral displacement and realignment of the metatarsal. Fixation is with one or preferably two screws.

A closing wedge osteotomy in the phalanx correcting alignment. Fixed with a single screw.

Allows the metatarsal head to move back, decompressing the joint. No fixation is required due to the maintenance of the soft tissue envelope.

Burrs reduce the dorsal osteophyte to a bony paste which is removed with dedicated instrumentation, palpation and irrigation.


End and side cutting, single use, sterile burrs have been developed with leading foot surgeons to allow the appropriate amount of bone to be accurately removed, whether this is a wedge or parallel sided cut.

Burr Machine

Leading edge technology is used to accurately deliver speed, torque and coolant - essential to allow accurate osteotomy creation while minimising the risk of thermal necrosis. Ergonomic design and modern materials in the hand piece allow size and weight to be minimised.


Single use, sterile, procedure packs provide all instrumentation required for the surgery in a simple to use, efficient manner, resulting in the optimal MICA procedure.

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